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Every homebrewer has them. Techniques and tips formed out of desperation, ingenuity or flat out stolen by someone who's twice as clever as we are.

Here free for all to steal and run away with are a few of the ideas I've used. Some of them have been stolen from others as well. (Some of my other tips and techniques are archived over in the technical section of the Maltose Falcons website.)

• = Calculator Spreadsheet

Dark Candi Syrup Test : Drew tests out the new Dark Candi Syrup straight from Belgium.

Using and Balancing Hops : How to use and think methodically about hops in beer. Specifically developed for figuring the best way to get a full hop flavor that isn't overpowering in a DIPA.
IBU Calculator : A calculator that draws on the techniques discussed in the "Balancing Hops".

Oak Techniques
Barrel Care : How to take care of your friendly barrel.
Oak Beers with no Barrel : One of the big trends in recent years for microbreweries has been the "Bourbon Barrel" beer. Very few of us can practically use a barrel. Here's how I do it without the barrel.

Style Notes
Milds, Pale and Dark : The best damn session beers you've ever tasted and how to make them

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