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Before anyone asks, the Stout Guy Brewery is NOT a professional brewery. It's the name of my little homebrewery that I run for my pleasure. As with many serious homebrewers, I've read too much, brewed too much, judged too much, drunk too much and more.
Ahh.. the fun of being an insane home brewer.

Just remember... beware the Hop Monster!

Currently, I'm the President of America's oldest homebrew club, the Maltose Falcons of Los Angeles. Come and check out our club, whether for a brew or to learn and teach.

Stout Guy Beer Recipes

Beer Runs! (of a wandering kind) and City Guides for Beer!

Tips and Techniques

Beer Gathering

As with many pursuers of good beer, I've been tracking the elusive brews of all 50 of our states. This map tracks my current progress. The reviewed states in orange have their reviews posted at My reviews are found here.
Some of these states are bound to be tricky. (I'm fretful of the state of brews from ND through to MS!)

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