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March 2006 - Belgium - Brugge
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March 28th, 2006 -- You know it happens to the best of us. One day we found ourselves at work, day dreaming a little and the next thing you know you're searching for airplane flights and the rest. Usually nothing comes of it, but this time I found tickets to Brussels for $450 (with everything). This was one thing I couldn't refuse. So I spent 2 days flying and spent 3 whirlwind days in Belgium. For those of you thinking of going, I really can't say enough good about it. I also enjoyed using the country's remarkably efficient train system to get around. A little bit of planning can get you lots of places. These are the pics. (Thanks go to Darren Nightingale, Matt Stinchfield, Rich Pedersen and others for their assistance in planning and directions)

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After finishing with the tour at De Halve Maan, I hit up what is probably the best beer hotel in Brugge, Hotel Erasmus. A throughly modern hotel built over a speciality beer cafe/restaurant, this is a place that was recommend by Jonny Lieberman and a few others. The thing to definately try here is the unsweetened Liefman's Kriek. They claim to be the only place where you can find the beer.
Located just a couple 100 meters from the Markt (center of town), the Hotel Erasmus sits overlooking one of the canals in town. A modern place with clean lines and a great atmosphere, plus beer for breakfast (along with a nice spread of meats, bread and cheese).
The view from the room in Erasamus.
So, you turn a corner, around a blind alley and bing: A nice little cathedral. One of the best things in Brugge is how often things like this tend to pop up on you.
One of the buildings of the Markt area, at night with the rain. Damn, it felt good to be right there.
Remember what I said about alleyways and incredibly good bars in Brussels. Here's an even better example. De Garre, a top notch bar is hidden down this little "garre" or fire exit between buildings. Think about blinking and you'll miss it.
Once in the alleyway though, there it is. The brightly lit doorway gives way to a warm cozy bar that seats about 20 (with more room in an upstairs area)
Their special of the house, a hoppy triple brewed for them by Brouwerij Van Steenberge. Love the glass. Would have liked one, but sadly, not for sale. Notice the little side of cheese served with every glass of beer.
Ok.. so the best beer bar in Bruges is Brug Beertje. Located just off the Markt, there's just no topping this place for enjoying a beer.
So, no trip to Belgium is complete without stopping by a store to buy some beer. Knowing that I'd not have any time to hit the best spots in Brussels (due to the next portion of the trip), I stopped here right next to the hotel and picked up a few homegrown specialities to share with the neighbors.
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